A downloadable game for Windows

You - pilot of the plane. The end)

The game will have two game modes: survival and mission.

Now available survival: it is one kind of enemy missiles, soon to be more.

The game is already implemented improvements to the system characteristics of the aircraft.

What is already there:

- 2 aircraft

- Enemy missiles (with auto fire)

- Survival Mode

- Pumping menu

- Ability to save progress

What will happen:

- Mission Mode (ala Campaign)

- Equipment for aircraft (guns can do - we'll see)

- Enemy aircraft, missiles and a variety of installation

- A lot of the flying equipment

- To replace a simple upgrade on pumping the branch!

- And if all goes well it is direct, and the PvP mode (but this is the last stage)

Support game: Comments or Money donat

Install instructions

nw.exe - start game
Press WAD - fly


win32.rar (38 MB)
win64.rar (46 MB)

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